Terms & Conditions

the legal bits

Any and all transactions between Nuh Design and its customers are subject to the following terms and conditions.

1. The Client agrees to have the vehicle delivered for a wrap installation at their sole cost and expense, damage free, washed, and dried and in a suitable condition for application. Nuh Design will not be responsible for any damaged caused prior to delivery and such damage will be noted by Nuh Design during the vehicle inspection process and such damage will invalidate the warranty provided by Nuh Design. We would advise not to wrap over damaged panels, therefore have no obligation to apply a vehicle wrap to a damaged substrate unless instructed by the customer, in which instance any available warranty will be dismissed herein.

2. All orders are subject to a 50% deposit payment in advance prior to commencement of any work. A deposit payment will be taken as a confirmation with an email highlighting the work to be undertaken on your vehicle and a contract will be entered for the selected work and the necessary materials will be ordered to complete the job. This deposit is non-refundable due to material handling fees, which will be charged if cancelled. If the client decides to cancel the service, the client shall be responsible for any incurred costs such as samples, material restocking and any work completed until cancelation notice. Nuh Design also reserves the right to charge a 15% cancelation fee in addition to invoiced charges to cover internal overheads such as scheduling, communication and resources used.

3. Once the work performed by Nuh Design is complete and the client takes possession of the vehicle, the customer must pay the balance due for the services provided. The customer will be responsible for the payment of all work completed by Nuh Design on behalf of the customer.

4. We ask for every vehicle to be cleaned a day before delivery. Vehicles must be delivered to our location free of dust, wax, grease, oil and contaminations. This is to ensure that no time is wasted cleaning prior to installation and to ensure the vehicle is completed and collected between the specified dates.

5. The quoted application times are estimates based on previous work, however in some instances, the estimated time may be inaccurate based on the following circumstances: the vehicle is not delivered at stated date, the vehicle is delivered in a dirty condition, the working conditions (such as weather) are unsuitable or the complexity of the material chosen. If such circumstances are to arise, the customer will be alerted of the delay.

6. The warranty offered will reflect the type of vinyl being used and the manufactures specified uses and limitations. For a warranty to be valid, the application processes and all prior customer expectations are expected to be met.

7. The warranty will cover lifting and bubbling of the vinyl material. The warranty will not cover negligence caused by the client or a third party including but not strictly limited to scratches and fading.

8. The condition of your paintwork is very important during the installation process as well as removal. As stated in the FAQ, if the vehicles bodywork is in an unsuitable condition (i.e. stone chips or rust patches) this would result in adhesive failure and the vinyl pulling off loose paint with it during the removal process. The condition of the existing paintwork may look faultless due to the use of polishes and waxes, but as we do not know the history of the cars paintwork, we are not liable or able to guarantee that the paintwork will not be damaged during the removal process. If the vehicle has had previous bodywork including a repsray, there will be a small chance that the removal of the wrap may cause some lift. We would do not advise wrapping over a poor, damaged or rusted paintwork.

9. If Nuh Design is asked to remove a vehicle wrap previously installed by another company or individual, Nuh Design will not be liable for any damage that may be caused to the painted surface during the removal procedure. As we do not know the condition of the paintwork condition under the wrap, we are not able to guarantee that the clear coat will not be peeled with the vinyl during removal.

10. The Client understands that the product purchased is a vehicle wrap. Although we try to make the wrap look like a paint job, it is NOT paint. Some vehicles have deep recesses mainly found on bumpers, handles, mirrors, antenna but not specifically limited to these areas and due to the nature of the vinyl, we are only able to stretch the material by 10% to ensure the adhesion is not affected. Because of this, we are forced to make inlays and overlays to cover recessed areas the vinyl could not fully cover.

11. We do not accept responsibility for the damage or loss of any kind following the sale, installation or delivery of our wrap products.

12. Whilst we take care to ensure paramount safety of customer’s vehicles, Nuh Design bears no responsibility for loss or damage to the customer’s vehicle whilst at our premises. We advice our customers to make sure they are fully covered by their own insurance at all times.