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Maybe your new car wasn't available in the colour you wanted, or perhaps you've simply grown tired of the colour of your old car and want something new. Our colour change wraps can instantly change your car into something new and fresh, without the need for a respray. Check out our matte, matte metallic, gloss and textured coloured wraps, and find the car wrap that best suits you and your personality. It’s time to go driving in a different colour.

Matte and metallic

If you've been out and about lately, you'll know matte finish car wraps are bang on trend. While a number of car manufacturers offer limited runs of matte paint options on new vehicles it is often at a considerable cost, and why paint when you can wrap? Get the latest look at a reasonable price with a matte finish car wrap. Stand out and look different from other vehicles on the road. Be a trend setter with a matte black or matte grey vehicle wrap


Perhaps you're the type of person who gets bored easily, who needs to keep the best things in their life new, fresh and exciting. Wrapping your car in a gloss finish can help you fall in love with it all over again, and is a faster and cheaper alternative to a respray. Achieve a paint-like, glossy finish for a fraction of the cost, choose from a wide range of gloss finishes, from classic gloss white, bolder gloss pink, hot rod red, or gloss burnt orange


Satin wraps are a stunning mix of Gloss & Matte finishes, giving an executive style for those who are looking for a smart car wrap option. The finish stands out from the average paint job and protects your paint at the same time. Executive and sleek, satin vinyl is the perfect choice for high end cars & partial wrap styles. The satin style is also well suited to body panels and compliments gloss components and paintwork well.


Yeah, you read that right. This isn't a printed carbon pattern. It's a car wrap film with an embossed finish, resembling true carbon fibre, reflecting light as expected and changing the highlights of the pattern depending on the viewing angle. With a modern, visually-appealing design, our carbon fibre finish is perfect for wrapping interior or exterior car surfaces with a unique look in mind. Rrange of partial vehicle wraps, from interior dashboard fascias, to roofs and wing mirrors.


Chrome is the ultimate statement in car customisation, an incredible finish for incredible vehicles. Chrome is one of the most expensive car wraps you could get, not only because the material costs are high but because the skill level and time required to apply to a vehicle is that much higher than other wrap types. Chrome is almost certainly a status symbol and the costs often lead to only seeing it on high end vehicles.

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Choosing the right vinyl colour - and the best material - can take time you don't have. Now it's easier for sign makers and applicators​ to find, explore and compare all vinyl colours, and to order samples directly.​

The free Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions Colour Swatch app is designed to make life simpler. It includes the most important graphics signage and Supreme Wrapping™ Film products, and you can use it to find the best vinyl material fast.

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The app lets you stay completely up to date with the very latest vinyl colour options, and it gives you a range of different practical and convenient functions. Preview and compare colours, see RGB, CMYK and LAB​ values - and order your samples directly from your mobile.

All your favourite vinyl colours together

There is no doubt that some vehicle graphics look unprofessional and scruffy. Wonky lettering, peeling and inaccurate text do nothing to reassure a potential customer. A smartly wrapped car, bus, truck or van is a great way to reassure your existing and potential customers that they’re dealing with a serious organisation. We understand that when you invest in any type of marketing you need to get it right. A Totally Dynamic vehicle wrap will last for three to five years so we spend time working with you to ensure your design will continue to work well for your brand throughout its lifetime. Our attention to detail is second to none: ensuring that you are proud every time you see one of your wrapped vehicles on the road.

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