What we offer

Car Wrapping

Wrapping your vehicle is an affordable choice that can serve as an improvement to the looks of your vehicle, making it unique and presentable.

Paint Protection

Protecting the paint of your vehicle using our special film technology will make it last much longer and you won’t have to worry about scratches and dirt.

Windows Tinting

Tinting your windows doesn’t just make them look good, it actually has many benefits, such as a protective layer that keeps away harmful UV rays.

Brake Caliper Painting

Brake calipers and/or hubs are painted with heat resistant paint to enhance the appearance of the car or get rid of rust.

Headlight/Tailight Tints

We offer a professional headlight tinting service with a range of road legal tints that look great and come with an extensive warranty.

Chrome Delete

Lets you hide (or delete) the chrome trim that so many car manufacturers insist on putting around windows, on grilles and just about anywhere they can think of.

Jet/Helicopter Wrapping

The appearance and distinctive branding of your vehicle or fleet of vehicles visually describes and subconsciously relays the quality and reliability of your services.

Boat Wrapping

In the marine industry, wraps are the most common method for announcing sponsorship, team image, promoting product and company brand.

Offsite/Mobile Wrapping

We can come to you. We have fully trained and certified graphics application team and operate from our main premises in the Southeast in Crawley.