Why choose vehicle wrap

benefits of wrapping

Building your brand and creating business

Every time your vehicles take to the road they should creative a positive impression about your brand. A professional, impactful vehicle wrap can become an integral – and cost effective - of your marketing activity. Whether you are a micro business with a couple of company vehicles or an organisation with a large fleet of cars, vans or lorries; making your vehicles work harder makes perfect business sense. Some vehicle wraps are bright and bold with an obvious call to action. Others are more understated and focused on creating a consistent, professional identity. Whatever product or service you provide; whatever your style, Totally Dynamic can create vehicle wraps that add value.

A professional look

There is no doubt that some vehicle graphics look unprofessional and scruffy. Wonky lettering, peeling and inaccurate text do nothing to reassure a potential customer. A smartly wrapped car, bus, truck or van is a great way to reassure your existing and potential customers that they’re dealing with a serious organisation. We understand that when you invest in any type of marketing you need to get it right. A Totally Dynamic vehicle wrap will last for three to five years so we spend time working with you to ensure your design will continue to work well for your brand throughout its lifetime. Our attention to detail is second to none: ensuring that you are proud every time you see one of your wrapped vehicles on the road.

A sound investment

Newspaper circulations are dropping. However, the price of press advertising remains high. For the cost of a handful of regional press adverts, with only a few days’ shelf life, you could have an attention-grabbing vehicle wrap which lasts for three to five years. Consider how many miles your vehicle will travel and how many people will see your mobile advert in that time.

Creativity, choice and flexibiity

If you can think of it, the chances are that Totally Dynamic can make it happen. From dramatic photographs to 3D effects, graphic prints to stylish lettering: we’ll make sure your vehicle stands out from the crowd for the right reasons! We’ll work with you to create vehicle wrap campaigns that help you achieve your business goals.

But vehicle wrapping is not just about high impact graphics. Colour-change wraps are a fantastic way to create a cohesive look across your fleet without having to commit to buying the same colour, make and model of vehicle at outset. Choose a sleek metallic or a stylish matt finish to make your vehicles stand out. We can also apply striking graphics on top of your wrap to clearly identify your business and help create a lasting impression.

Preserving the value of your vehicle / fleet

It’s usually most cost effective to purchase a white vehicle, particularly if you have a large number to buy, then have it branded in your company style. If you spray-paint your vehicle there is a cost associated to return it to its original white when you come to sell or return it at the end of its lease, but with vehicle wrapping you can simply have the wrap removed in a matter of hours. If you choose to have your vehicle spray painted you'll also need to spend additional money on graphics, whereas with vehicle wrapping, it’s all done in one go.